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The Carson Peace Project

The Foundation for World Harmony and the City of Carson California plan to immortalize past and present heads of state, world leaders, peace prize winners and Veteran Heroes in life size statues. They will be carved in Zimbabwe and other locales. In Zimbabwe we already carve from exotic woods and other materials ( www.zimbabwecustomcarvings.com). The statues will be housed for people to visit for generations to come at Veterans Park in Carson California, all proceeds will go to various Charities.

Some of the statues being considered at this time are:

Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, , Cesar Chavez, General MacArthur, Martin Luther King Jr. & Eddie Rickenbaker.

Examples of Statues Worldwide


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Nelson Mandela
Mother Teresa
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
General MacArthur
Mahatma  Gandhi
Joan of Arc
Cesar Chavez
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Winston Churchill
Martin Luther King Jr
Dali Lama
President Obama




For Info please email: monte@ilovesos.org or call: 888.658.8884